Individual Sessions

60 MINUTES $120

No, I will not tell you what to do. I won’t tell you whether you should text that ghosting ex-boyfriend, or talk to your wife about your problems at work, or finally face off with you hypercritical, oppressive father who hurt your feelings one more time. What I WILL do, however, is listen closely, work side by side with you to unpack what you are telling me, and offer all the compassion and understanding I am capable of. Most of all, I will be there — in your difficult moments, as well as your lighter ones.

Research shows that the most important factor in individual therapy is feeling understood, knowing that the therapist “gets us.” In order to get you, a therapist must be willing to be present with you no matter what you talk about, be curious, and enter your world with an open mind.

I can’t promise to heal you. But I do promise to do all that I can to help you heal yourself.


Couples Sessions

90 MINUTES $160

When the objective is to keep a relationship healthy, vibrant, and viable over many years, love is most certainly NOT all you need. Additional ingredients are essential to the recipe — such as; compassion, the ability to fight fair, respect, flexibility, to feel safe and accepted. Most of these skills are not innate, but can be learned. Spontaneity and passion make for great flings, but can rarely sustain a marriage, or, for that matter, any adult relationship.

If you are ready to fix your relationship, wish to figure out whether you want to keep it going or simply to wish to take marriage from good to great, give me a call. We will work together to efficiently and calmly identify the areas of strength and weaknesses in your relationship, so we can tackle them, smooth out the kinks, reflect on the progress made, and provide you with lasting skills.

Family Sessions

90 MINUTES $160

Families struggle with many issues, the pain and grief from the loss of a loved one, fear of divorce, and out of control addiction, an affair that has broken the trust in a couples relationship, a child that is “acting out” behaviours that cannot be addressed within the family, the lack of self esteem brought on by the loss of a job or a broken relationship, or maybe the adjustments brought on by a life- threatening illness such as cancer or heart disease? These are just a few examples of some of the key issues that families need the help of a counselor in addressing.

I will meet with family members either individually, as a family unit, or a combination in order to allow each person to express his or her concerns while also addressing the feelings and needs of the group. My goal is to encourage each member to learn how to express themselves in a constructive manner to foster empowerment within the family while promoting family therapy goals.  

*Note- We offer a limited number of sliding scale slots. Please contact for details.


Working on a broken relationship takes energy and requires a focus of attention. When there is healing in the relationship or within the person, new energy is released for pursuing common goals and a new sense of purpose blossoms. And hope for the future is restored.