‘You are strong enough to face it all, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now’

The quality of your relationships has an impact on all other areas of your life. If you are struggling in your relationship with yourself, your partner or others, that stress often affects other areas of your life such as your work, parenting, health and achieving success.

As your therapist, I will guide you in a comfortable and non-judgmental environment to help you confront these challenges and embrace your strengths. We will work collaboratively to meet your therapeutic goals, and together we will work on determining the habits that keep you from moving forward. I am passionately committed to helping you address causes of anxiety, and the destructive and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living a full and happy life. I am here to support and encourage you on this challenging journey!

I provide therapy for adults, couples, teens, and families in Nova Scotia. Each individual session is 60 minutes long and couples/family sessions are 90 minutes. I offer a 15 minute free phone consultation to address any questions or concerns you may have prior to scheduling an appointment. This initial conversation provides you with the opportunity to ask questions, learn more about therapy, and ultimately decide whether this will be the right therapeutic fit.

Together, your journey of self-discovery begins.

Lisa Broadhurst, MACP, CCC-Q, RCT-C