Traditional Therapy versus Online Video Therapy

Traditional Therapy Can Feel Like an Escape From Your Life

Traditional therapy sessions offer a physical space where there is nothing but dialogue on important mental health issues. This experience can feel like a respite from the stresses of work and relationships.

Online therapy is less likely to offer this feeling detachment because one of its primary values is the ability to engage with a therapist at any time and any place.

In-Person Therapy Provides a Level of Accountability and Treatment Options

Face to face interaction makes it easier for the therapist to keep the client accountable when they can constantly read their body language.

Online video and texting therapy provides a “cover” for clients, preventing the therapist from learning everything about the client.

Receiving care in an office can be essential for people with conditions that are sometimes difficult to treat with online therapy alone, such as severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Seeing clients online limits possible treatment options (i.e., eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR).

Online Therapy Saves Money and Time

Unfortunately, the benefits of traditional therapy and in-person treatment have costs, most notably the time spent commuting and the often expensive price of a session.

Online and texting options reduces the travel costs, while also permitting additional needed support for those who may benefit from daily contact, for example, individuals with severe anxiety and depression.

Both Traditional and Online Therapy Can Foster a Deep Connection

When you have the right therapist for you, the therapeutic alliance is equally as strong in both in-person and the online method. Connections are built on respect, trust, and empathy.

Light Beyond the Door Counselling provides both in-person, phone, and online therapy. Our mission is to provide the therapy that works best for you!